Training groups

For those who prefer to train in the company of others, the following running groups are in operation.

If you think that you fit into any of these groups, contact the appropriate person.

There is an informal meeting 10:00 every Sunday at the Clubhouse in Falkirk Victoria Park for a long run (~10miles). In addition, training sessions for all ages and abilities are held in Callendar Park most Saturday mornings at 10:00.

Changing / Showering are available at all venues

Recruitment for Children

Falkirk Victoria Harriers balance the intake of children from a variety of sources depending on their age and available space within our training groups.

Age 9-12 Recruitment from the following :

If no space is available we will direct you to the RJT.

The intake from the RJT provides athletes to the club with an excellent athletics platform. We also invite their athletes to take part in club events on a regular basis. Further info on the RJT can be found here.

In the first instance please contact us at

Over 12 Recruitment from the following :

If no space is available you will be placed on our waiting list.

In the first instance contact us at

Those invited for a trial will train with the club for a probationary period of time. This allows FVH coaches to evaluate each individual before offering membership. It also allows you to decide if you wish to pursue athletics by being involved in the activities of the club.

FVH Coaches provide instruction in Track and Field events, in a relaxed, friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Club training sessions are Tuesday & Thursday evenings (some coaches have extra sessions). If you were to be offered membership most coaches expect their athletes to train twice a week.

Meets Twice weekly
Tuesday 18:30 - 19:30app @ Grangemouth Sports Stadium
Thursday 18:30 - 19:30app @ Grangemouth Sports Stadium

The diagram below shows the athletic pathway:

* The club' s Inclusion Officer will handle all enquiries from individuals with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. The Inclusion Officer will liaise with the individual to signpost them to the most suitable athletics opportunity. This may be within Falkirk Victoria Harriers or be within our partner club Forth Valley Flyers here.

Track & Field training groups

We have groups catering for all track and field events, including sprints, middle distance, jumps and throws. For more information and contact details, see Club Coaches

Road running group

The group consists of a wide range of abilities and ages being often the next progression up from Jog Scotland. It is suitable for those who wish to run for distances of 5K up to full marathons.

Meets Twice weekly
Tuesday 18:30 @ Clubhouse Falkirk Victoria Park
Thursday 18:30 @ Grangemouth Sports Stadium
Contact David Bunyan Tel No:01324 637555

Typical sessions undertaken would be:

Jog Scotland

Jog Scotland is Scotland's very own national recreational running network. The main aim is to get more people active through programmes of walking and jogging. People of all fitness levels take part, from absolute beginners to those capable of running 10 K.

Falkirk Victoria Harriers are heavily involved with many of the Jog leaders also being Harriers members.

Meets Weekly
Thursday 18:30 - 19:30 @ Grangemouth Sports Stadium
Contact John Denholm