Athlete and Volunteer Funding Policy

This document will help explain the different types of funding that are available to our members, how to apply for them and outline any criteria. Most importantly none of these funding streams are awarded automatically – they must be applied for using the relevant forms. Forms can be found on the club website within the funding section. 

There is also useful info at the bottom of this document on how to get funding or discounts from non-club sources. 

Athlete Funding

What can be claimed for: Travel and accommodation to National Championships (see forms for current rates.) Note: individual event entry costs, competitions out-with the UK, or expense incurred by any persons accompanying a claimant, can’t be funded. 

Amount: Not to exceed funding of £150 between Jan – Dec in any given year. For athletes traveling to get standards for entry to national competition or international selection we can award additional funding* as follows. Junior (up to and including U20 ) £50, Seniors & Masters £100 – *note only if they achieve the standard. 


  •  Must be a 1st claim member for at least one year.
  •  Competed for the club in at least three times in either league, district or national competition (representing FVH) in the previous 12 months.
  •  Provided assistance to the club at least once in the previous 12 months.

Failure to meet any of the criteria above may result in the amount awarded being reduced or even rejected. A maximum of 50% of any single claim will be considered. If your claim is successful, you must wear the club vest in the competition you have entered. 

How to apply: Complete the Application for Support form before the event for committee approval. Once you have attended the event you should then submit an Expenses Claim form, along with any receipts. Failure to follow the correct procedure may result in the claim being reduced by 10%. Note money can’t be refunded if you fail to attend the event.

 Alternate funding streams: Sports Council and Emergency Fund.  

Volunteer Funding

What can be claimed for: Any training course or workshop to help support you develop as a volunteer, travel expenses and SAL coach membership renewals. Level of Funding: Up to 100% of cost 


  • Must be a club member
  • Currently active in your volunteer role,
  • The club would expect you to remain in your role for a period of time after any course or workshop
  • Be willing to advance your qualifications by attending further courses/workshops – this will be explained further when applying for funding

How to apply: Same as athlete funding. Note funding can’t be refunded if you fail to attend Alternate funding streams: Sports Council. 

Emergency Fund

Members who are experiencing financial difficulty can apply to this fund. What can be claimed for: Event entry fees when representing the club (UK only) Equipment and travel expenses. 


  •  Member of the club for at least one year
  •  Competed in league, district or national competition (representing FVH) at least three times in previous 12 months.
  •  Provided assistance to the club in previous 12 months.

How to apply: Complete Application for Support form and outline your circumstances in an attached letter. There is a £100 maximum available via this fund in any twelve-month period  

Jim Dingwall Bursary

This fund was created by Jim’s family in his memory to support students to stay within the club during their studies. There are various bursaries available between £100 and £250. 

How to Apply: Students will be invited annually to submit an application. Information within the form will be assessed by a sub group who will make recommendation to the committee of which bursary, if any, should be awarded.  

International Selection The club will donate £25 for the first International selection (excluding schools & university selection) Please fill in the Application for Support form.  

Non Club Sources

Sports Council: The club are affiliated to Falkirk Sports Council which means members can apply to them for funding. Forms are available from our Treasurer, who will explain further. 

Falkirk Community Trust Grangemouth Stadium: If you use Grangemouth Stadium on a frequent basis it works out cheaper to buy a monthly pass – ask at reception for details. You must be a member of Scottish Athletics 

Students, unemployed or aged 65+: Falkirk Community Trust offer a GO Card for these groups, this provides discounted access to all leisure facilities – ask at Stadium reception for details. 

Internationalists: FCT will provide a scholarship pass for free entry to leisure facilities although you must reside within the Falkirk Council area – form (Scholarship Pass) is available on the club website. Member Discounts are available with several local businesses these can be viewed on our website.