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By following the links below you find out more info on the respective areas, these should answer most of your questions such as details on how Club Championships work, and maps of some venues……. If it doesn’t answer your question just ask your coach or drop a email to the club

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PB & Standards Emails Explained 

How/Why do I get emails for new PB’s and/or standards?

PB’s: Our database gathers in results and can recognise when you achieve a new PB and generates a congratulatory email.

Standards: The national database (Power of 10) will recognise and rank athletes with others across the UK, when they achieve a minimum performance for any event per age/gender. Example for the U13 Boys High Jump the minimum recognition is 1.25m. Any U13 Boy jumping this or higher will be ranked on P10. From experience athletes will then start to check their ranking on a frequent basis.

We have three levels. Gold = the minimum P10 ranking for any event per age/gender, Silver is 5% under and Bronze is 8% under.

Example for the U13 Boys High Jump Gold is 1.25m, Silver  is 1.21m and Bronze is 1.15m.   This encourages and rewards athletes not yet ranked on P10.

If you want to stop receiving these mails just follow the instructions in the mail