Membership Renewal

Following the Club’s Annual General Meeting on 27th January 2021, I confirm the subscription levels for the coming year remain unchanged and membership renewals are now invited.  The membership categories and costs are as follows: (If you are joining us for the first time please see our Interested in Joining page)

  • + £7 for each competing member
FVH@RJT (RunJumpThrow)

Second Claim

Club Officer

After 1st July, new members only, will pay 50% of appropriate membership fee

There are 3 ways in which you can make payment.

• Using the links above and our online renewal payment option.

• Make a bank transfer to Club Account
– Account Name: Falkirk Victoria Harriers
– Sort Code: 80-11-10
– Account No: 06000061
– Reference: MEMBERSNAME

Your Membership Form still requires to be completed and emailed to

• Postal payment by sending cheque made payable to “Falkirk Victoria Harriers” along with completed Membership Form to the Treasurer (address at the bottom of membership form).

• Cash along with completed Membership Form can be delivered through the letter box of the Treasurer.

Notes on completing membership form

• On completion of the form you can click on the SUBMIT box at bottom right hand corner and it will generate a prepared email to send your Membership Form to

This function will not be available if completing the form on a smart phone – in this case you would attach your completed membership form to a new email message and send to

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact us at

Notes on completing membership form – please read these carefully

  • The form asks to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Codes of Conduct and our Privacy Notice. These can be accessed in full by clicking on this link on the membership form, additionally the codes affecting parents and athletes are attached with this letter, together with Privacy Notice. Codes of Conduct & Privacy Policy
  • For Junior memberships, to ensure that the club and its coaches can comply with current welfare requirements, coaches still require to endorse applications for junior members. If this applies there is no need for you to take any action other than as outlined in the Membership Renewal Payment section.
  • Each coach will only be able to endorse membership applications for athletes currently within their group and up to the maximum number currently permitted. Places within groups, may therefore be limited by the amount of assistance within any group. If you can assist a coach in anyway, please discuss this with them.

Caroline Lawless