Club Championship results

The club championship results have now been uploaded to the powerof10 . If any performances have not linked to your profiles or anything, including spelling mistakes in your name or club, please follow the instructions at the top of the page of the results on their website.

Tuesday 14th –

Thursday 16th –

Junior Cross Country Relays Entry

Junior Members Only This is an email calling out to all Junior Members!

See link below to complete your availability !

The Cross Country Season is now upon us and we are looking for Junior Athletes that are available for a few Cross Country events that are running in the month of October. These will be in Teams for Relays with the following age Groups – U13, U15 and U17 both Male and Female

The closing date for the first event is 23rd September 2021 so we really need this completed no later than Sunday 19th 2021if possible, so we can gather the responses and put together Teams before the deadline of 23rd September. Apologies for the late sending of this form.

 The events are as follows:-

Scottish Athletics East District Cross Country Relay Championships – 
Saturday 9 Oct 2021, Galashiels Academy, Galashiels

Lindsay’s Scottish Athletics National Cross Country Relay Championships –
Saturday 23 Oct 2021, Scone Palace, Perth

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Junior Trail Race

Please see information below regarding a Junior Trail Race on Sunday 19thSeptember, 2021 at The Oriam, Heriot Watt Campus, Edinburgh. If your child is interested please follow the links below to enter.


Are you aged between 16 & 25? Are you interested in how the club is run? Would you like to get involved in future club decision making? Could you commit to meeting once a month for an hour?

If the answer is yes then email your name into

Some of the roles and responsibilities were looking for to appoint to Junior Committee are:

-Website design and update

-Social Event Planning

-Website Blog

-Newspaper report submitting

-Social Media


CAC & FVH Club T&F Champs Tuesday 14th September & Thursday 16th September @ Grangemouth Stadium 6pm to 9pm

Please read the event info and timetable carefully before completing entry
Closing Date for Entry in order to finalise timetable is Midnight Wednesday 1st September.

This event is open to members and those on trial with CAC and FVH. It is also open to members of Forth Valley Flyers, guests from other clubs are welcome subject to available space Please read the entry info carefully before entering.

*Minimum entry standards apply at under 11&13 for the High Jump, and under 13 for Discus, Javelin & Hammer. See event info.

Three trials in all field events – except HJ

Please note that U11 & U13 athletes can compete in a maximum of 3 events, for all other age groups it is a maximum of 4 events.

U15’s can only run one of the following on the same day 800/3000

For Central AC & Falkirk Vic’s athletes best 3 events to count for their respective club championships – which must include a mix of track and field events.

No Late Entries

For any queries please email as follows – CAC athletes FVH athletes

Tuesday 14th Events
3000mTriple Jump
70m Hurdles U13GLong Jump U11 Boys
75m Hurdles U13B & U15GShot U15G – SenW
80m Hurdles U15B & U17WHigh Jump U11 & U13 Girls
110m HurdlesHammer (all ages)
800m U11GLong Jump U15B
800m U13GLong Jump U13B
800m U15G – SenWShot U11 & U13 Girls
800m U11BHigh Jump U15G – SenW
800m U13BDiscus (all male & female)
800m U15B – SenM
100m U11G
100m U13G
100m U15G
100m U17-SenW
100m U11B
100m U13B
100m U15B
100m U17-SenM
300m Hurdles
400m Hurdles
Thursday 16th Events
200m U11GLong Jump U17 – Sen Men
U13GLong Jump U11 Girls 18:45 Long Jump U15 Girls
U15GShot U11 & U13B
U17-SenWHigh Jump U15 Boys – Sen Men
200m U17,U20 & SenMJavelin (U15 – Senior M&F)
200m U15BLong Jump U17 – Sen Women
200m U13BLong Jump U13 Girls
200m U11BShot U15B – Sen Men
1500mHigh Jump U11 & U13 Boys
300m U15G & U17WJavelin (U13 boys & girls)

Please only Enter once.

Combined League Event 18th July at Grangemouth

Please see the timetable for the next combined league event due to take place at Grangemouth on the 18th of July, Senior Male entries need to be submitted on Friday 9th July if your hoping to compete please, DM the Facebook page or Email Gary Smith

Timetable 18th July 2021
11.00am80m HurdlesU17W 11:00amTriple Jump7m Board
11:10am100m  HurdlesU17MJavelinU17 Men
ShotU20/Sen Men
11:20am100 HurdlesSenior / U20 WHigh JumpU20/Sen Women
11:35am110m Hurdles U20 Men/Sen Men
12:30pmTriple Jump9m + 11m Board
11:45am100m – Pool 1Senior/U20/U17 MenJavelinU17 Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 MenShotU17 Men
100mSenior/U20/U17 MenHigh JumpU20/Sen Men
100mSenior/U20/U17 Men
100mSenior/U20/U17 Men14:00pmTriple Jump11m + 13m Board
JavelinU20/Sen Women
12:10pm100m – Pool 2Senior/U20/U17 MenShotU17 Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 MenHigh JumpU17 Men
100mSenior/U20/U17 MenPole VaultAll
100mSenior/U20/U17 Men
100mSenior/U20/U17 Men15:30pmTriple Jump7m + 9m Board
JavelinU20/Sen Men
12:40pm100m – Pool 1Senior/U20/U17 WomenShotU20/Sen Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 WomenHigh JumpU17 Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 Women
100mSenior/U20/U17 Women
14:00pm1500mSenior/U20/U17 Men
Senior/U20/U17 Men
Senior/U20/U17 Men
Senior/U20/U17 Men
Senior/U20/U17 Men
1500mSenior/U20/U17 Women
Senior/U20/U17 Women
Senior/U20/U17 Women
Senior/U20/U17 Women
Senior/U20/U17 Women
15:40pm300mU17 W
U17 W
15:55pm400m U17 M
400m U17 M
400m U17 M
400mSen/U20 Men
400mSen/U20 Men
400mSen/U20 Men
400mSen/U20 Men
400mSen/U20 Men