FVH Districts Apart Series

As you are aware many Athletics Clubs throughout Scotland are running their own Together Apart Events. Falkirk Victoria Harriers have decided that we will also host 4 events from 18th May 2021 through to the 27th of May 2021 over a 4 night period. Unfortunately due to current regulations this series it is only available to members of Falkirk Victoria Harriers. Below is the list of the events we hope to have available on each night, although we have secured a license with Scottish Athletics we are still in the process of trying to secure officials therefore these events are not yet finalised and are subject to change or cancellation.

Event Series

18th May 2021

600m U11’s

800m U13’s – Vet

Long Jump U11’s – U15’s

Triple Jump All

Javelin – Senior/Masters

25th May 2021

100m U11 – Masters

Long Jump U17 – Masters

Javelin – Juniors

20th may 2021

200m U11’s – U13’s

300m U15’s

400m U17’s – Masters

High Jump U17’s – Masters

Shot Putt U11’s – U15’s

27th may 2021

1000m U11’s

1500m U15’s – Vet

200m U15’s – Vet

High Jump U13’s – U15’s

Shot Putt U17’s – Masters

If you have any questions about the event series please ask your Coach or email enquire@falkirkvics.com