This section of our website contains all the info needed for our volunteers and show how you can get involved.There is a FAQ on volunteering below, and separate sections showing the many exciting areas where we need volunteers, many of these areas require no previous athletics experience. Finally there is a section on codes which explains how our volunteers are expected to  conduct themselves and what to expect from the club in return for their valuable time 

Volunteers are the cornerstone to modern day society and club sport is no different. When you listen to any medalists from major events being interviewed they always thank ‘the countless people behind the scenes who helped them to achieve’ – in short many will be the club volunteers that started them. This entire section of the website should answer all your questions and show how you can get involved.

The club have been accredited with a Volunteer Friendly Award which is a National Accreditation Standard for all matters relating to volunteering.

Volunteering FAQ

Why do we need volunteers? The club relies solely on volunteers to deliver our services to our members.

Who can volunteer? In short, anyone. We have an equity policy which includes volunteers. Anyone over the age of 16 can volunteer. (Those younger can also help but would need parent supervision as well.) Most of our volunteers are club members, or a member their family is, but we also welcome volunteers from the wider community as well. All volunteers dealing with those under 18 must undergo a PVG check at no personal cost.

What opportunities are available? The main areas we engage our volunteers are. Admin, Social, Communication, Competition and Coaching and much more…… please see the section on Opportunities which gives much more information.

How much time does it take? This varies widely, for some roles such as coaching it is a serious time commitment, but other roles only take up an hour per month. Whatever time you have to offer we can find something for you to do.

Who supports me? This will usually be a more experienced volunteer such as a member of the committee or a qualified coach.

How do I learn? Mostly by shadowing existing volunteers, attending workshops or formal training courses. If after a short period of time you aren’t enjoying the role it is possible to try another. Subject to some criteria the club will refund any training costs incurred please see our funding section of the website.

How should I conduct myself? Please see our codes section. Those directly volunteering with children under 18 will be required to go through a PVG check.

What will I get out of it? When this was asked to some of our volunteers to describe it in three words some of the comments were. Make a Difference – Meet New People – Learn New Skills – See Athletes Develop – Give Something Back. Please see our Testimonial section for more comments.

Please feel free to browse the rest of this section and if you want to chat about it simply drop an email to enquire@falkirkvics.com