Volunteering Codes

Policies and Codes of Conduct

FVH adopt codes and polices for all those involved with the club, including volunteers. The following is extracted from or Codes & Policies section of our website and the full content can be viewed there.


Falkirk Victoria Harriers promotes an equal opportunities/sports equity policy. In doing so, it acknowledges and adopts the following definition of sports equity: Sports equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognizing inequalities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure it becomes equally accessible to everyone in society. In line with this definition, Falkirk Victoria Harriers:

  • is committed to ensuring that equity is incorporated across all aspects of its development;
  • respects the rights, dignity and worth of every person and will treat everyone equally within the context of our sport, regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status;
  • is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their sport in an environment free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse
  • will make all Club members aware of their responsibility to oppose discriminatory or threatening behaviour and promote equality of opportunity;
  • will deal with any incidence of discriminatory or threatening behaviour seriously, according to Club disciplinary procedures.

The following will give guidelines on how to conduct yourself as a volunteer and explain how the club will treat you. These codes are for general volunteering, but coaches and technical officials have their own codes which can be viewed in the codes section of our website.

As a responsible volunteer for Falkirk Victoria Harriers, I will:

  • ensure that governing body risk assessment procedures are complied with;
  • put the safety of athletes first;
  • offer an encouraging and positive environment;
  • use appropriate language and behaviour;
  • show integrity and professionalism in my dealings with other adults;
  • give equal treatment and respect to all;
  • comply with the above whenever in the vicinity of athletics events, whether on or off duty.

As a Responsible Athletics Club, Falkirk Victoria Harriers will:

  • ensure that all operating within the club environment hold the appropriate qualifications;
  • adopt national policies and codes of good practice in relation to athlete welfare;
  • ensure that club officers and volunteers always act responsibly and set an example to younger members;
  • appoint a designated Welfare Officer, who is provided with appropriate training and periodic updating, to act as a first port of call in cases of concern about athlete welfare;
  • liaise appropriately with other key persons, including parents/persons with parental responsibility, officials, coaches and sport scientists, to ensure that good practice is followed in maintaining athletes’ welfare;
  • carry out our duty of care within relevant legislation and government guidance;