Calling all our Athletes Under the age of 23 Scottish Athletics want your feedback

To all our Athletes under the age of 23 Scottish Athletics, want to hear your voice. Please read below details from Scottish Athletics !

Young people are integral to the current and future success of athletics in Scotland and as the governing body we want to ensure our young athletes, coaches and officials are given a platform to share their opinions and influence the future direction of the sport in Scotland. Last year we carried out a survey for young people which lead to the creation of the Athletics Trust Scotland Young People’s Forum (ATS YPF).  The Forum has been busy over the last 12 months looking at Mental Health and how to retain Young People in the Sport. To help further this work, the members have pulled two surveys together and are looking for further views of the young people in our sport. The ATS YPF will also be holding a Conference in March next year for young people and the responses from the surveys will also help shape what will be delivered at the Conference.

We would be grateful if you could please take 10 minutes to complete both survey’s – all responses are anonymous. If you are under 16, please seek permission from a parent or guardian before completing the surveys. We look forward to reading your opinions and looking at how we can shape the support we give to young people in athletics.

All you need to do is complete the surveys at the following link:

Mental Health:

Retaining Young People in our Sport:

Both Survey’s should be completed by Friday 9th December 22.

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