Your Club Needs You!!!

Calling all Parents, Senior Athletes, Aunties, Uncles, Grans, Grandads etc. The Club has decided to venture into the realms of organising Open Graded events in partnership with Grangemouth Stadium.

These events heavily rely on qualified officials. Currently across Scotland officials are desperately needed to help with events such as ours. If we can home grow an official pool we could be in a unique position to independently host these events and to do this we need your help.

The clubs currently has a shortage of the following officials

Track / Starters / Timekeepers / Photofinish

If any of these would be of interest you can book yourself on any of the courses at – or we would ask you to please contact our Club Development officer Graham Chambers @

Becoming an official could be easier than you think! Attend a single course which is usually completed in an afternoon or morning and then help officiate at 4 events to complete your training to Level 1. You should be able to cover these 4 events just helping out with our Open Graded Events, over the rest of winter and in the Summer.

With more officials we can secure great competition on our doorstep for all our athletes and provide and additional revenue for the club and Grangemouth Stadium with a hope to securing it for future.

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